Hendrick's Portals To The Peculiar

Hendrick's Portals To The Peculiar, Space / Hendrick's Gin - William Grant & Sons
This Summer, the unusualists at Hendrick’s Gin invited the curious amongst us to ‘Escape the Conventional and Embrace the Delectable’. Consumers took a leap into an ‘aquarium in the sky’ through a series of ‘Portals to the Peculiar’ hidden behind the most ordinary looking locations.

In a world where 44% of UK folk admit the monotony of their daily lives can get them down, Hendrick’s offered a platform for them to depart from the daily grind of routine into a world beyond the obvious, oddly infused with rose and cucumber.

The series began with ‘Lesley’s launderette’ in Shoreditch (a nod to Hendrick’s master distiller, Lesley Gracie) offering a fresh perspective, a ‘Automated Transport to the Marvellous’ (ATM) in London Bridge and finished with a Not-So-Normal Newsstand in Edinburgh. Those curious enough to step inside the portals were transported from the hum drum and the expected into a marvellous world of delightful peculiarity. All with the promise of a delectable and refreshing taste of Hendrick’s of course.

Guests of the immersive experiences discovered a cast of curious characters and situations, including sampling Hendrick’s from the blowhole of a Bulgarian rose whale and their very own gin-infused candy floss clouds to take away.

These experiences were an integral part of the wider campaign running from July to mid-September, including a first of its kind takeover of a corridor at King’s Cross station, as well as a national 6-sheet campaign using dynamic copy to direct the curious to their nearest watering hole.