Haygarth Group

Haygarth Group
With today’s world changing so frequently, so fast, we realised that to remain relevant in the future, we needed to be relevant now. So in 2018/19 we challenged ourselves to create and deliver campaigns based on the continuous evolution of consumer wants and needs, adapting in the moment to meet their demands as they materialise.

We set out to become the agency who develop experiences that move with today’s culture.

For example, people demanded sustainability, so we helped an iconic brand clean up its act. They craved marketing that made them feel something, so we moved the toughest of audience of all: bikers. They wanted to be understood, so we made a range of beauty products feel personal to a whole new generation.

The same went for our clients. They wanted real growth in the form of incremental sales – not in the future, now. So we re-engineered our brand experiences to be sales-driven, combining new technologies with powerful ideas to convert consumers then and there.

We learnt to shape-shift to keep our employees thriving too, launching initiatives around things that matter to them; mental health, flexible working, training, morale-boosting dog days.

Adopting this mantra not only makes us the agency of now, it led to our most successful year yet.