Guinness Greenwood Series

Guinness Greenwood Series, Verve / Diageo/Guinness
In a nutshell, the brief was to create Twitter content that would engage with fans and flirts as they tuned into the GUINNESS Six Nations in a pub or at home on social media. Giving fans conversation and insights as they reached for their phones seeking more game analysis. Creating content that engaged further with fans and gave GUINNESS a platform to talk about rugby and everything that is great about the Championship.

In the UK, Twitter is the preferred platform for fans to talk about sport and follow live games.

The goals included engaging with fans online, be a source of excellent rugby content, video views, be diverse using current female players, retired players and putting the GUINNESS brand into different locations across GB and Ireland including at home where 90% of the audience watch the Championship from.

The live activation content was an amazing experience for people in the room, but also created strong rugby content for millions of people online. Using real venues, e.g.: pubs, the GUINNESS storehouse, Will Greenwoods House, helped it feel live and authentic.