Fight For Nature

Fight For Nature, Undercurrent / WWF
WWF asked Undercurrent to help them raise public awareness of nature depletion and climate change in the UK. Time poor MPs focus on causes that are most important to their constituents and respond well to direct pressure, so we needed to show them that people want to take action on climate change.
Solution- Our ‘Nature Phonebox’ took a quintessentially British symbol and reimagined it as an oasis of nature in busy cities. The eco-friendly telephone booth travelled around the country recording messages from members of the public to be delivered to their MPs. The most impactful messages were turned into animated voicemails posted on WWFs social channels to inspire others to lend their voices to the cause.
Results- 5 city tour, 544 messages (70% from the experiential tour), 18 hours of voicemails. 270,000 Instagram impressions, 15,310,900 readership and press impressions.