FIA Gran Turismo Championships, World Tour

FIA Gran Turismo Championships, World Tour, Amplify / Polyphony Digital
The World's Largest and Most Anticipated Esports Racing Tournament:
49 drivers from 19 countries competing, 1200 guests attending and a further 4.7 million fans joining digitally…

Amplify were tasked to build on Gran Turismo’s founding principle as a game that “addresses the primal instincts of car-loving people” creating a unique live property in automotive culture that mirrors the anticipation, competition, showmanship and production of live motorsports to excite and attract a new generation of fans and players to SIM racing.

With a 90 strong crew covering technical specialists, game networking, camera + broadcast crew, as well as two OB trucks, a 15m wide LED wall with 7 million pixels and 12 playing positions on stage, Sydney’s iconic Luna Park was transformed to bring fans closer to the action, setting a “new standard” for the live esports experience in the pacific region.

1200 guests watched as 49 drivers from 19 countries battled for the title with the event broadcast live in seven languages and viewed by 4.7 million fans globally.

Evidence of the mainstream potential of the series was signalled by Forbes’ emotive coverage of the nail-biting finale, with one convert proclaiming the event “more entertaining to watch than 95% of last year’s F1 season”.