Experience Engine

Experience Engine
The perception of staffing agencies and the reality are very different. Our ‘people first’ mindset is not new, others say they do it, but we have embedded it into the heart of everything we do. We’ve explored how we can innovate in this area with automation but also how we can ensure promotional people are treated fairly and well remunerated.

Our bold move to specialise in two sectors, Tech and Place, has paid off. We feel that innovative clients want experts and not generalists, so we have engineered all of our processes and beliefs around the sectors that our clients operate in.

Our people, the Experience Engineers™, have raised the bar. Our investment in their training in technology and placemaking allows them to troubleshoot and reduce any down-time at an event. They are professionals and love working with us.

We are proud that we were able to trademark the term ‘Experience Engineer’ with feedback that this role should be treated like a profession, such as a Mechanical Engineer or Software Engineer.

Getting these components right has led to our financial growth but also a foundation that allows us to scale-up even quicker to take the agency beyond a £1m revenue in 2020.

Experience is what we do, our people are the engine that drive your brands forwards.