Desperados Epic House Party

Desperados Epic House Party, Jack Morton Worldwide & We Are Pi / Desperados
Desperados’ Epic House Party was the pinnacle of the Epic Parties Imagined By You campaign, where party-goers wildest party ideas are brought to life in unexpected, creative ways. The Epic House Party, itself an idea from House hero DJ Skream, saw Jack Morton Worldwide and We Are Pi collaborating to create an extraordinary party experience for 3,000 people at the opening night of Magazine London. From dancing in the clouds, becoming the disco ball and being served at the octopus bar to even tasting the music, we turned the Desperados tribes’ crazy ideas into reality, while Skream played a suitably epic 5 hour set. This one-of-a-kind experience generated incredible results with KPI-smashing PR, Content and Social results and 100% positive sentiment generated for the brand.