Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3

Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3, Amplify / Google
Amplify tackle their biggest collaboration with Google yet, taking strategy, skill + team effort to the next level…

Launching the Google Pixel 3 with our Curiosity Rooms campaign saw Amplify design and transform a 45,000 square foot derelict building into a flagship retail space in just 8 weeks. Our Studio oversaw design, architecture and build, whilst our Strategy guys aligned our audience research with a curated programme of 36 live events and 9 media partnerships.

But, ultimately, it’s the people that make a space an experience. Over the 5 weeks we were open we had a Live team of 80-130 people working on site everyday and our extended family of collaborators entertained 71,000+ guests and smashed all objectives and reached 80m+ through our content engine.

Check out the case study and video here: