Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3

Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3, Amplify / Google
Amplify + Google established a cultural landmark in the heart of Regent Street, launching Pixel 3 and connecting with our audience of ‘future bosses’...

Curiosity Rooms brought the Pixel 3 to life and made every day more extraordinary with an experience hub that invited people to celebrate a world where fashion, food and tech collided.

From a pastel-pink laundrette that powered fashion discovery through AI, to barrierless window displays, escalators converted into slides, car-wash selfie spots and a basement theatre hosting 36 cultural events, we innovated what retail design and brand experience can do together.

This hugely creative event that rewrote the rules of the high street, creating a boundary breaking retail experience that saw 71,000 visitors pass through the doors, with a content engine approach that reached 80m+ more.

The campaign became a cultural beacon that brought people back to the high street and established a foundation for content creation that reached an audience far beyond its physical location.

Check out the case study and video here: