Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3

Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3, Amplify, 72andSunny, Halpern, Essence & OMD / Google
Amplify + Google tackle their biggest collaboration yet, taking strategy, skill and team effort to the next level….

Amplify and Google established a cultural landmark in the heart of Regent Street to launch Pixel 3 and connect with our audience of ‘future bosses’. We brought the Pixel 3 to life, making every day more extraordinary with an experience hub that invited people to celebrate a world where fashion, food, music and art collided in a familiar, yet unexpected way.

We authentically tapped into culture on a mass scale, designing a 45,000 square foot derelict building into a flagship retail space alongside 5 partner agencies, 9 media partnerships including The Guardian, GQ and Vogue, 12 cultural collaborators and a curated programme of 36 live events. Through these collaborations, we saw 71k attend and we reached 80m+ online via our content engine.

Partnering with key media attracted our key audience to the venue and maintain engagement throughout the experience, well beyond its physical location. Thanks to choosing the right cultural, food, and media partners.

Check out the case study and video here: