Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3

Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3, Amplify / Google
Amplify + Google make 'brand experience' the beating heart of an integrated London-wide takeover…

Amplify helped launch Pixel 3 and connected with our audience of ‘future bosses’. We brought Pixel 3 to life, making every day more extraordinary with an experience hub that celebrated a world where fashion, food, music and art collide in familiar, yet unexpected ways.

Over 5 weeks the space attracted 71k+ visitors averaging a dwell time of 21 minutes. A strong programme of 21 hero partnerships, including 9 media partnerships with the likes of The Guardian, Time Out and GQ, saw the social and real work together to create a ‘content engine’, leading to a 34% uplift in purchase consideration on the ground, 80m+ people connected with online and 200 pieces of exclusive online content.

Curiosity Rooms boldly challenged the rules of retail to prove how experiential can revolutionise consumer experiences and drive big integrated campaigns. We established a destination that was the antithesis to the traditional flagship, disrupting high street conventions during Christmas, one of the busiest times for retail.

With no previously established high-street presence, Google gained a five-week retail foothold that smashed all targets. We didn’t run the typical brand activation weekend, instead Amplify created a takeover of an iconic London location at the busiest time of year for retail.

Check out the case study and video here: