Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3

Curiosity Rooms by Google Pixel 3, Amplify / Google
Amplify + Google’s reimagine the rules of the high-street to create a boundary breaking retail experience and design-led content engine…

In a world fuelled by mash-ups, remixes and autoplays, our core audience of tech-savvy 25-44 year olds increasingly feel they’ve seen it all. They have an unparalleled degree of visibility but need motivation to share their social currency.

So we broke the rules of retail with Curiosity Rooms, a 5-week long pop-up flagship store in the heart of Regent’s Street. From a pastel-pink laundrette that powered fashion discovery through AI, to barrierless window displays, escalators converted into slides, car-wash selfie spots and a basement theatre hosting 36 cultural events, we innovated what retail design and brand experience can do together.

Over 5 weeks the space attracted 71k+ visitors averaging a dwell time of 21 minutes. A strong programme of 21 hero partnerships, including 9 media partnerships saw the social and real work together to create a ‘content engine’, leading to a 34% uplift in purchase consideration on the ground, 80m+ people connected with online and 200 pieces of exclusive online content.

Check out the case study and video here: