Creme Egg Hunting Season

Creme Egg Hunting Season, Elvis
Generating sales quickly is crucial for Cadbury Creme Egg, a product only on shelves for a few months each year. We turned this problem on its head by inventing a whole new season: Creme Egg Hunting Season.

Consumer data showed a real appetite to 'go hunting' for Creme Eggs, so our strategy was to let people do just that!

We built a fully immersive place for them to go hunting for delicious chocolate eggs. Creme Egg Camp was a themed forest built from scratch in Old Street, London, and was open from Jan 18th - Feb 21st 2018. It was a place where our hunters could explore, enjoy delicious Creme Egg recipes, put their hunting skills to the test and maybe find the ultimate quarry - the lesser spotted White Creme Egg.

We designed everything in the camp from scratch and created it to generate social reach and PR coverage.

The excitement that Creme Egg Camp helped generate for the brand in January and February contributed to an incredibly strong fast start to the season. After a smashing sales year last year (the total brand grew 12% in 2017), we had a very high benchmark to beat, but results to 11th Feb (the final week the experience was on) show that we converted the awareness and talkability created by Creme Egg Camp into sales in store. Value sales of singles grew 22.8%, five packs were up 5.7% and twelve packs were up a massive 25.5% during this period (Source: IRI Data).