Converse City Forests | Sydney

Converse City Forests | Sydney, Amplify / Converse ANZ
Joining forces to combat climate action with public art.

With the global pandemic dominating headlines and public discourse, the environmental conversation was taking a backseat. Simultaneously, the creative community was facing an existential crisis. With longstanding commitments to both creative culture and environmental sustainability initiatives, Converse brought causes and creatives together for the City Forests platform, engaging their All Star creative network across the world to create public art with innovative, air-purifying, photocatalytic paint. Every square metre painted has the same positive impact as one mature tree.

To create a Converse City Forest in Sydney, we united celebrated local artist Elliott Routledge with not-for-profit organisation, Rainforest Rescue. Together they created a mural that stimulated environmental conversation, whilst combating the harmful amount of pollution in the area by absorbing the same level of air pollutants as 183 trees.

Because our audience of progressive, motivated young Australians demand more than a passive experience, we created a set of limited edition patches (with all proceeds going directly to Rainforest Rescue’s tree planting effort), enabling them to personally take action.

The message reached over 4 million people and the mural, a first of its kind in Australia, continues to promote and deliver climate action.