Cisco Live EMEA

Cisco Live EMEA, George P. Johnson / Cisco
Cisco Live 2019 - ‘The Playground’. Harnessing the power of imagination with technology innovations and a customer-centric approach which delivered moments of lasting impact. Reinforcing Cisco’s position as the leading IT Networking business in the EMEA region and the world.

Part of a global series of 4 events, Cisco Live EMEA took place in Cisco’s second largest market and fastest growing region. Creating a brand experience for 15,900 people is no mean feat but as Cisco’s trusted partner on this event for 15 years George P. Johnson (GPJ) know Cisco and their audience inside out.

This year GPJ went above and beyond the client’s targets by delivering a new vibrant interactive space - ‘The Playground’ - harnessing the power of the imagination to present brand and product stories in a way the target audience found truly involving and challenging.

Five strategic interactions were built around the theme ‘Imagine Intuitive’, to demonstrate the benefits of Cisco technology and to inspire the audience, the space took people away (for a moment) from the intense environment of seminars, breakouts and certification testing. A series of visual experiences and interactions, including the ‘Game of Drones’, challenged them to apply their technical skills and knowledge, for example to code the flight path of a drone in a maze.