Christmas Deserves Lurpak

Christmas Deserves Lurpak, BD Network
Being the champion of good food, we wanted to put Lurpak at the top of shopping lists during the festive season, and so needed a fame-driving piece of activity that would engage with consumers and be amplified through social media.

An experiential campaign with cooking at the heart, the build was an 8m tall, 3 tonne faux Christmas tree made entirely of dummy blocks of Lurpak.
Surrounding the tree was a 360ยบ kitchen, from which we hosted live cooking demonstrations, sampled Lurpak Christmas recipes, handed out recipe booklets & cookies, and gifted cookie cutters.

The Lurpak Christmas tree toured the country over a period of 15 days, visiting London Westfield, Covent Garden, Birmingham, Leeds & Edinburgh.
The campaign delivered Christmas cheer in the form of 41,363 fresh food samples, 164,500 bespoke mince pie flavoured cookies, 139,440 recipe booklets, and 8,250 cookie cutters.