Cars in Film - Italian Job Sound Stage

Cars in Film - Italian Job Sound Stage, Collaborate Global / Goodwood Road Racing Company
Collaborate Global designed, delivered and managed this year’s ‘Cars in Film’ display in Earls Court Motor Show at Goodwood Revival 2019.

Partnering with key sponsor Sky Cinema, Collaborate Global developed a totally immersive experience whereby visitors at Goodwood Revival were transported into a working soundstage for the filming of ‘The Italian Job’. Visitors would enter a fully transformed Earls Court Studios, with professional actors, stage extras and stunt drivers to enhance the experience.

With 5 different sets created, vintage cameras were positioned and operated to recreate ‘as shot’ scenes from the film. Lighting technicians, electricians and props extras operating worked with tea ladies and make-up artists in improvised scenes being filmed.

Using creative craftsmanship, Collaborate Global ensured the entire build was produced in line with the 1960’s era. Period vehicles were sourced to achieve real-time provenance, and stunt drivers were enlisted to replicate the iconic colonnade chase scene with the 3 Mini’s, bringing rapturous applause each time it was “filmed”.

Visitors enjoyed interactive engagement by posing with gold bullion in the rear of the iconic bus, prompting visitors to capture and share their excited content.

Actors were performing throughout the event, and live scenes and fight sequences enhanced the fully immersive experience, leaving visitors amazed and part of the story.

With over 150,000 visitors attending, the activation was heavily praised during and after the event by visitors, press, sponsors and media. Unanimous feedback reported the ‘Cars in film’ activation as the standout visitor-centric experience of Goodwood Revival 2019.