BP Live Magic Show

BP Live Magic Show, KBW Design
The world is growing like never before, creating opportunity for billions of people. And all this growth requires energy. But as the world demands more energy, it also demands that it be produced and delivered with fewer emissions. As scientists and engineers, BP recognizes the urgency of the climate challenge - and intends to be part of the solution.

Success will depend on talented engineers and scientists working for BP and its partners, but at a UK level there are nearly 70,000 too few engineers each year being trained with the right qualifications to fill 2.5 million job openings by 2022 [Engineering UK 2016 report]. Not enough young people are choosing to study STEM subjects.

One of the biggest challenges for any science-based organization however, is how to engage an audience with what can often seem like quite a complex technical message?

•Our idea was to use live magic to engage audiences around the BP narrative.

•Once we had established a clear, powerful story, we then worked with the two illusionists to deliver it in a way that would captivate an audience.

•The live magic show was supported by tailored exhibits and VR experiences showcasing novel BP technologies, to increase dwell time and visitors' desire to come back for more.

•"The BP live show at New Scientist Live was a huge success for us. Of the people who watched each 13-minute show, we estimated that over 95% stayed for the whole show, and of those, almost all were fully engaged throughout".