Birra Moretti at BST

Birra Moretti at BST, Space / Birra Moretti - Heineken
The greatest casualties of our busy lives are our closest friends and family. Because sadly, those who matter most to us are more likely to forgive us if we cancel plans with them. Birra Moretti wanted to do something about this. To bring people together with its authentic Italian family spirit and reclaim ‘Time For What Matters’.

So we created Piazza Moretti, an Italian square in the style of the brand world. Sat at the heart of BST festival in Hyde Park, it engaged people with its magical atmosphere and the authentic sights, sounds and smells of Italy. But it didn’t end there. Festival go-ers were surprised with immersive theatrical performances from Italian characters, who embraced the values and personality of the brand.

Picture the scene. You’re sat in a beautiful Italian Piazza with your closest friends. The sun floods every surface and an ice-cold glass of Birra Moretti sits on the worn wooden table in front of you. You’re mesmerised by a painter who is capturing a nearby group. Colours leap from his canvas. Nearby, a florist delicately tidies a bouquet. Suddenly, the deli owner beckons passers-by to his stall with a beaming smile. Up above, you see a grandma hanging washing from her balcony. While below a giant game of table football reaches fever pitch. As you take another sip of your Birra Moretti, a freshly baked pizza arrives at your table.

This is what summer is all about. Time For What Matters. With those who matter most.