A Night At...The Louvre

A Night At...The Louvre, Amplify / Airbnb
Amplify create a win / win collaboration for Airbnb and the Louvre, capturing the imagination of the world...

Airbnb’s most successful ‘Night At’ to date saw a collaborative partnership between Airbnb and the Louvre result in an epic, world-first sleepover at the museum. Two winners were treated to a private tour with a top curator, alongside a series of experiences, including drinks with the Mona Lisa, dinner with Venus de Milo, and private performance in Napoleon III’s apartment. The night culminated with two winners staying in a bespoke pyramid, which Amplify built inside the Louvre.

Amplify made sure the event had global scale too, with 2700 press and broadcast pieces in over 90 countries. Airbnb received 236m impressions, 471k Snapchat swipe-ups, 1.5m visits to airbnb/louvre and 182k entries, whilst the campaign contributed to the Louvre’s aim of modernising their image. Two lucky winners experienced something truly special but this was an event that went worldwide.

We ensured the event had global scale by designing, filming and repeating the event twice, creating shareable content that saw 5.9m YouTube completions taking the Louvre around the world.

Check out the case study and video here: bit.ly/2kpMpX8