A Night At...The Louvre

A Night At...The Louvre, Amplify / Airbnb
Amplify + Airbnb create an event for two people, that travelled the globe…

Airbnb’s most successful ‘Night At’ to date brought two people into the Louvre for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Everything from curation and set design to styling gave viewers unparalleled access to the Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and Napoleon III’s apartment. Guests spent an unforgettable sleepover looking out from under the Louvre’s pyramid, a bespoke installation moment in its own right.

Amplify pushed ‘experience by few, told to many’ to its limits, investing in an event for just two people that travelled the world. A first for the Night At… series, we produced the event twice: once to film for pre-promotion and again for the winners.

In doing so, we also crafted a series of world firsts inside Paris’s iconic museum. The partnership pushed the boundaries of both the traditional and tech-led to create an intimate event, amplified to reach a large, global audience. The experience saw over 2700k PR and broadcast hits across 90 different countries, as well as 182k entries and 1.5m website visits.